Stairs on the move!

Ride Quality

New drive systems are aimed at providing a significant improvement in ride quality in terms of both vibration and noise. The relationship of handrail to tread speed is precisely calibrated to further improve ride quality.

Space Savings

Newer truss designs take up less space than previous systems and allow for multiple applications with the same look, without the need for costly custom design.

Modular Design

A modular approach allows each installation to be tailored to meet specific architectural requirements. Balustrades and exterior cladding, ranging from conventionally painted metal to stainless steel and glass.

Our escalators provide safe, reliable and Eco-friendly mobility in shopping centers, airports, railway stations and commercial buildings.

Attractive yet robust, our equipment is designed to be equally at home in the elegant atmosphere of commercial surroundings and in the tough, punishing environment of public transport.

All HQ escalators are designed to meet governing safety codes.


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