Maintenance for the Lifetime of your Building on 24/7


What are your budget requirements? We can help you find a plan that works within your cost parameters.


Will basic coverage for parts and service do, or do you need a comprehensive plan for mission-critical installations?

Response times

Does your building need immediate service, or will same day response be sufficient?

Maintenance programs tailored to your needs.

Your building’s design, occupants and traffic patterns are unique, and so are your service demands.
Accordingly HQ Service has the flexibility to adapt to your building’s unique environment using proven maintenance programs.

Once the evaluation process is complete

We will work with you to structure the program that best suits your needs.

HQ Service programs deliver assurance that your elevators and escalators are always available.

We set the standard for advanced maintenance services, ensuring you get the longest lifespan and best performance out of your equipment.

HQ deliver quality maintenance services for elevators, escalators, and Moving walks.

Our Objective

Whether it’s HQ or non-HQ equipment, our maintenance solutions provide the highest-quality and most reliable service for keeping it running, in compliance and up to the highest safety standards.
We are committed to extending the lifespan of your equipment.
Our Care for Life assessment and modernization solutions look ahead to guarantee it will remain in optimal condition for a long time to come.


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